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Pink Pearl

Why Pink Pearl is necessary

Women Suffer from Inflamatory Diseases of G.U.T. ,Menopausal Syndrome ,Nervous Psychogenic Disorders ,Hormonal Imbalances ,Gastro Intestinal Disorders alomost all the time

Pink Pearl is made from ancient ayurvedic medicine which help and boost the immune system of female

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Ayurishi Herbal

Why Pink Pearl is Special

A product Specially developed for the most special persons of a family. The backbone and charm of women converts a house into home which make special.

We make sure that the health of these specials remain Sound. Hence Pink Pearl is Special.

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Ayurishi Herbal

Why Pink Pearl is Ordinary

Made with simplicity and without any harmful chemical to be used by all female age group which makes it a ordinary yet necessary product which should be present in each household just as salt.

A ordinary product which makes the life of an orinary female special and boosts their health.

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Why Pink Pearl is Different

The results of this product makes it different. When you start taking it within a few days you start noticing the holes in health due to harmonal disbalance are been filled. It focus on overall health of female body.

The taste makes it different, the density of syrup makes it different, the packing which keeps its quality intact make it different and your trust make it different than the others.

What Pink Pearl is

An Ayurvedic Medicine for females which help them maintain their harmonal balance and help body to fight different type difficulties through out the months.

100% natural

No Side Effects

Pink Pearl has been developed with Ayurvedic Techniques which makes it 100% safe and pure

1000+ year tradition


Prevention Science has been used in developing the pinkpearl which will protect the harmonal disbalance.

100% safe

Quality Development

Product which has been tested and developed in a way which will never harm your body.

Ayurishi Herbal Research team has

Tested & Authenticated

Pink Pearl with all safety measures and have recorded excellent results within two months. Learn More


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Important facts

about Pink Pearl

Pink Pearl Women’s restorative health tonic is a natural and Ayurvedic medication that addresses a huge list of health issues that women tend to face. Formulated and developed by Ayurishi Herbal, it has been designed for use by women of all ages and build to let them enjoy the best of health (er.. should we say, pink of health?).


47 Million Girls and women

There are More than 47 million women and girls across India between 14 to 44 years age who feel a huge stress on account of the hormonal changes during the periods. Pink Pearl take care of these women.
It can efficiently help you address the pain related to the menstrual cycle and the after effects that it can have throughout the month. The syrup works by cleaning up the blood of the impurities and thus relieves you of the pain. Many women report of acute pain during the periods. Commonly referred to as menstrual cramps, they can effectively be cared for through the use of Pink Pearl. In addition to reducing the pain during the current month, it also assists you to prepare your body to get rid of the pain during the subsequent months.

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No more Pain,Mood Swings, Uneasiness every month

Ayurveda is known to be offering an excellent performance with respect to the menstrual pains and the after effects to a better extent. You can definitely reap the benefits of the awesome effects provided by Pink Pearl and live a healthy life right through your reproductive years and even beyond. – The product is backed by 1000 years of India’s tradition. You can be assured of the positive effects offered by the time tested ingredients and the processes. The product is made under the guidance of the experts who have been working in the genre and have successfully treated hundreds of patients.

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with Ayurishi Herbals.

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