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Company Profile

Xiaogan Hanguang Senyuan Electric Co., Ltd, the former state-owned military industrial enterprise which was restructured as a joint-stock enterprise, is located in high technical development zone in Xiaogan city, Hubei province.

Since the company had successfully developed ZN28A-12, ZN23 -40.5 series of a vacuum circuit breaker in 1995, the company continuously engaged in development and produce 40. 5kv and lower voltage vacuum circuit breakers, vacuum contactor, vacuum load break switch all along. Our 12-40.5kv vacuum circuit breakers are published in Recommend devices and manufactures for national urban and rural power grid construction and reform issued by State Economic and Trade Commission.

After years of technical accumulation and market exploration, our product is confirmed to be reliable with high quality and competitive price, the products are sold all over country and won good reputation among customers.20% employers are technicians with professional title and administers, 2 exports are of provincial level, which has ensured our technical strength. As an ISO9001 certified company, we have established perfect quality control and ensure system.

As a restructured joint-stock enterprise, the company by using original state-owned enterprise’s mature technology and excellent equipment together with the rapid reaction mechanism of private enterprises, successfully developed a number of new vacuum electric products and put them into the market, and achieved very high market share. In recent years the scale of production and operation has obtained considerable development and our market share has largely enhanced, and sales volume has always come to the front in this field.With the expansion of the company size and the rich of the products constantly.we try our best to reduce our productioncost and improve our production quality ,through careful management to reduce the product cost, through quality management to improve product quality, thus make our product more cost-effective.